Exterior Painting Portland Oregon

Complete Exterior Painting

  • Stucco
  • Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding Doors & Windows
  • Fascia and Eaves Wood & Vinyl Shutters
  • Architectural Woodwork Decks, Railings and Patio Covers

Pressure Washing & Cleaning Removing Mildew

  • General Cleaning of Surfaces

Entry Door Systems

  • Complete Stripping, Staining and Refinishing with High Quality Finish Staining and Finishing of New Doors

Staining & Finishing of Natural Wood Surfaces

  • Siding
  • Thresholds Decks & Rails Doors & Windows

Metal Finishes

  • Wrought Iron
  • Security Doors/Bars
  • Windows/Doors Fences/Gates

Painting Related Repair/Replacement Services

  • Replacement Windows
  • Light Carpentry Wood Repairs
  • Screens

Historic Restorations and Lead-Safe Removal

Portland is a fantastic place to explore historic homes, with numerous styles and eras of distinctive and classic architecture. Ocre Painting specializes in safe and authentic restoration of these historic homes, bringing them back to their full beauty and charm.

Historic and Old Home Paint Restoration Services

  • Authentic color reproductions
  • Wood siding and trim repair EPA Certified safe removal of lead paint
  • Expert painting for beauty and longevity
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Drywall and plaster repair
  • Woodwork restoration and refinishing
  • Authentic hardware replacement or updating

Our depth of experience and product knowledge with historic home restoration sets us apart among San Diego painting contractors. We provide the expertise and personalized service to please you in every detail, as well as the infrastructure and capacity to complete large jobs in a limited time-frame. We know the right primers, fillers, paints and procedures to bring you spectacular, enduring results.

Ocre Painting provides historic home restoration painting across the Portland Metro Area. We work on all kinds of historic homes. When performing historic restorations, Ocre Painting can work with your preferences and budget to create a “restore to new” or “like-new” restoration plan. With our impeccable reputation for fine work and our long record of excellent craftsmanship, Ocre Painting can be trusted with your historic home.

Other Renovations & Restoration

If your home also needs carpentry work, remodeling or structural restoration, Ocre Painting partners with excellent local craftsmen. We can ensure that the process is smooth and pleasant for your family, and that the final results are everything you are hoping for.

The Ocre Difference

Most reputable painters point to their credentials, awards or results to show what makes them special. Not here. We point to our people.

At Ocre Painting , good character is our bottom-line, our starting point, and everything we do flows from that. In every situation, we seek to do the right thing for our customers, earning their trust and treating them with genuine concern. In the painting industry, you will simply not find a contractor who offers a better promise than our No Questions Asked Guarantee.

In every interaction, we are guided by a very simple principle: do it right. That means polite communication, honest estimates, meticulous house-care, premium materials and fantastic results. In every part of our work, if you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

What is the Value?

Customers Agree: Worth Every Penny

Everyone wants to get the most for their money; it’s only natural. At Ocre Painting, we provide a superior painting experience for our clients, and to maintain our exceptional level of service, we need to charge commensurate prices. Some of our clients initially hesitate when they receive our estimates, if our costs are more than they are expecting. When the project is finished however, they always agree: it was worth every penny!

What do you pay for when you hire Ocre Painting?

Fine Craftsmanship & Careful Work: When we bid a job, we do not skimp on man-hours. That means that our employees are not rushed or pushed to cut corners. Instead, they pay careful attention to each step: protecting your belongings; setting up safely; preparing each surface; painting with care and cleaning up thoroughly. This does not mean they work slow. Our painters stay on your project, are efficient and work until the job is done right.

Premium Materials: The price of a gallon of paint is directly connected to the quality of its ingredients. When we use premium primers and paints, it ensures that you will have the truest color and the longest paint performance. Using cheap materials saves a fraction in the short-term, but it costs far more in the long-term, when it fails prematurely.

Outstanding Employees: The key to superior painting is to employ painters that are consistent, dedicated and reliable. Our philosophy is that we hire good people, and we train them to be great craftsmen. We work hard to treat them well, so that they want to stay long-term. Because our painters are happy to work for us, they are happy to work for you, and they do fantastic work!

No Questions Asked Guarantee: We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers. If you are not completely thrilled with the work we do, we will work with you to make it right. We also offer a full warranty on our work, giving you peace of mind long after we’ve driven away.

Most Ocre Painting customers are people who…

  • Have busy, responsible lives, and want a painting contractor who will do a great job with no supervision.
  • Want their homes to look spectacular, and know that it takes a special contractor to achieve it.
  • Are not only concerned with the product, but with the customer service they receive.
  • Are discerning, intelligent and detail-oriented. They want a job well-done and appreciate good communication.
  • Care more about overall value than about the cheapest price.

Our Company Story

My name is Carlos Maldonado, I am the owner and operator of Ocre painting. I was a furniture maker before I made my start with painting. I have 10 years’ experience in painting, starting with other companies before starting my own in 2015. In every job as a professional painter I have taken pride in everything that I do.

I am involved in every single job of Ocre painting. Our company may be only a year old but with the experiences of myself and our employees, we are not beginners. We want to be here for years to come to satisfy every customer we come across.